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Despite its high level of poverty, many Malawians have hopes and dreams of obtaining a university degree. In Malawi, the average income is US$620/year. Therefore, most families rely on relatives and others to help send their family members beyond secondary school. At the University of Livingstonia, tuition and administrative fees are approximately US$700/semester. Room and board options vary and are typically between $250 and $500/semester. We are grateful for donors who provide funding for student scholarships at each UNILIA campus.  All of the UNILIA Foundation funding comes through individual contributions, including our annual fundraising event. In addition, there are several donor funds that support specific students and student groups such as: By Student Fund, Chiswakhata Fund, Colorado Friends Fund, John Knox Presbyterian Church in Tulsa, Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Rev. Matiya Nkhoma Fund, Ohio Friends Fund, Schact Fund, and UNILIA Women’s Fund. In 2023, more than $100,000 in scholarships have been distributed to over 100 students. Will you help us by providing a scholarship to sponsor a student?

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Spotlight on Success

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