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Who We Are

The University of Livingstonia Foundation is a 501c (3) charitable organization, registered in the State of Maryland and governed by a group of professionals dedicated to raising funds and other resources for the University of Livingstonia, a church related higher education institution located in Malawi, Africa. The University of Livingstonia Foundation was established to support the University of Livingstonia, Malawi, to educate and prepare future professionals and leaders that will help Malawi overcome the educational, economic, and social challenges it faces today. The Foundation partners with the University’s efforts to become a first-class University geared to meeting the educational needs of Malawi and its neighboring countries.A Brief History of the University of Livingstonia When. Dr. David Livingstone, renowned Scottish missionary and physician,  died in 1873 the Presbyterian Church in Scotland sent Dr. Robert Laws, also a missionary, physician and educator,  to what is now Malawi, Africa to establish an educational center ( Livingstonia Institution ) in honor of Dr. Livingston.  Despite many challenges Dr. Laws was able to establish small educational centers in various locations and eventually settled on a permanent site for a Livingstonia Institution on the Khondowe Plateau overlooking Lake Malawi. Dr. Laws dedicated 52 years of his life to help Malawians receive a basic education and create a better life for themselves.  However, his goals also included ways to help them acquire the knowledge, skills and values necessary to provide future leaders for Malawi.  When Dr. Laws left Africa in 1927, those who followed were not as committed as he to the idea of providing higher education so including that level of training was put on hold.  Nevertheless, Dr. Laws’ dream for the higher education of Malawians was not forgotten.  Thanks to the efforts and persistence of enlightened Malawian leaders and the assistance of volunteer educators from the U.S., the University of Livingstonia opened its doors on August 27, 2003.  The University of Livingstonia Foundation held its organizational meeting on December 15, 2003. the University now consists of four campuses as the Lilongwe campus is opening soon;

Our Supporters

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A number of Presbyterian churches throughout the United States, help support UNILIA,  including :

  • Churches/Presbyteries donating to UNILIA Foundation

  • Eastern Oklahoma Presbytery, Tulsa, OK

  • Fircrest Presbyterian Church, Fircrest, WA

  • First Presbyterian Church of Bartlesville, Bartlesville, OK

  • First Presbyterian Church, Arlington, VA

  • John Knox Presbyterian Church, Tulsa, OK

  • Longview Presbyterian Church, Longview, WA

  • Mountain View Presbyterian Church, Loveland, CO

  • Northminster Presbytiern Church, Pensacola, FL

  • Presbyterian Church of Bella Vista, Bella Vista, AR

  • Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, Dallas,TX

  • St. James Presbyterian Church, Jenks, OK

  • St. Matthew Presbyterian Church, Silver Spring, MD

  • Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church, Austin, TX.

  • Southminster Presbyterian Church, Tulsa, OK

  • Trinity Presbyterian Church, Bixby, OK

  • Warner Memorial Presbyterian Women, Kensington, MD

  • Westminster Presbyterian Church, Chehalis, WA

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Ken Gentili –   Ken brings his IT experience to the University as well as                                raising money for IT equipment.

Business Partners at Work

Business Partners

  • Microsoft – match donation program

  • General Electric – match donation program

  • Hotel & Leisure Advisors

  • Kalahari Resorts

Our Impact

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You will be joining us and others around the US who donate to the University of Livingstonia Foundation. These donors know that their contributions, big or small, have a positive impact on the lives of many in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world, but a country with a huge potential.


Providing scholarships for the many who cannot afford the cost of a higher education. The average salary for a person employed in the formal sector is $2,624 annually.  But Malawi's economy is mainly in the agricultural sector, so the average GDP is only $480. Tuition, room and board for one student for one year is currently $2,400. Your donation will help students achieve goals that they thought were not possible.




It started with a dream and a beautiful field!

The University is in need of additional facilities and many of its existing buildings are in need of renovation. Your donation will make it possible for the University to construct and furnish student dorms, housing for visiting faculty, recreation/common spaces, lecture halls and improve existing facilities. The Foundation has provided funds toward constructing and renovating numerous buildings, but there is more work to be done.




Your donation will enable University faculty to offer students quality and relevant education and training.  The University needs funds to equip labs and purchase materials and supplies that will help students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to achieve their goals.

For example, the Foundation’ supported faculty and student training on Vernier Science equipment.  The Foundation has provided funds to purchase new computer equipment and provide computer labs. Through your support, this has resulted in opportunities to conduct science-based research, classroom/fieldwork as well as opportunities to fine-tune writing and presentation skills.

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