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Report for the period April to May 2023

The Institution consulted an engineer and contractor to inspect the Ekwendeni dormitory.They advised that the cracks can be repaired to restore the building and ensure its safety. The budget for this work amounts to U$3,600. The campus leadership plans to work on the building between now and September since students will be on holiday. The building accommodates 35 students.

April to May 2023 Report PDF

Report for the period January to March 2023

The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) which is the country’s

higher education accrediting body assessed UNILIA’s curricula, programmes,

and infrastructure. They visited all campuses from 6th to 10th February, 2023.

They will submit a report in April.

January to March Report PDF

Report for the period January to December 2022

The Financing of the infrastructure development remains a challenge since most

funding organizations work with the government in financing public universities. Thestudents still struggle to pay tuition and fees on time.

January to December 2022 Report PDF

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